Hole by Hole

The Missouri Bluffs Golf Club Course Guide

The following information is from the 6610 yard, blue set of tees.

For an aerial view of each hole please CLICK HERE


Hole #1           “Early Bird” 517 Yard Par 5   

Down the Hill and away you go.  This superb par 5 starting hole is very forgiving if played down the left side.  This hole can be reached in two.  The green slopes slightly back to front and is ideal for shot makers.  Two long shots or three well-placed shots provide an early birdie.


Hole #2           “Mounds” 187 Yard Par 3

This outstanding downhill par 3 requires not only a good golf swing but also the proper club selection.  This long narrow green runs away from you.  There is a three-club difference from the front to the back of this green.


Hole #3           “Up The Incline” 387 Yard Par 4

This may be the longest 387-yard par 4 that you will ever play.  You must stay away from the left side mound.  A drive favoring the right side should leave the average player a mid to long iron into this 40 yard undulating green.


Hole #4           “On The Level” 399 Yard Par 4

A tee shot positioned at the left corner of the fairway will play very well to this narrow two-tiered green.  The second shot plays uphill and correct club selection is required into this deep green.


Hole #5           “The Graveyard” 557 Yard Par 5

This is the toughest of the two par 5’s on the front nine.  The tee shot must find it’s way through two well placed trees framing the fairway.  After the tee shot this hole becomes left side friendly away from the right fairway bunker.  The approach into this massive green must be placed on the proper level in order to have a good birdie opportunity.


Hole #6           “Deer Run” 201 Yard Par 3

The difference in elevation does not shorten this hole.  A ball over this green plays much more favorable then a short shot.  Don’t be afraid to take one more club.


Hole #7           “The Long Haul” 426 Yard Par 4

This long and ardent par 4 has a very generous landing area, though being in the fairway is a must.  Most players will be left with a long iron to a green guarded by deep green side bunker. 


Hole #8           “Lakeview” 183 Yard Par 3

This green is an easy target if you have the proper club in your hand.  Unlike hole #6, this hole plays one club shorter than it appears.  The water comes into play short and right, but be careful, you do not want to be long.


Hole # 9          “Back To The House” 412 Yard Par 4

A tee shot down the right center of the sloping fairway will run to the middle.  Beware of the right fairway bunker.  Correct club selection is critical when playing your approach shot into this 40-yard deep green guarded by a greenside bunker. 


Hole #10         “The Turn” 415 Yard Par 4

A tee shot down the right side of the fairway is a must on this arduous par 4.  Anything left will end up in either the trees or the fairway bunker.  The average player will be left with a mid to long iron into this deceptive green. 


Hole #11         “Benevolent” 332 Yard Par 4

A well-placed tee shot the proper distance from the flag will put you in position for a great birdie opportunity.  The pin position on this green should dictate what club is used off the tee; you don’t want to be too close if the pin is up front. 


Hole #12         “Fazio’s Par 4” 444 Yard Par 4

This long par four was originally meant to be a par 5.  Finding the fairway is a must in order to be able to play a successful long iron into this deep angled green.  A par is a good score on this hole.


Hole #13         “The Bluffs” 362 Yard Par 4

A three wood or a long iron off this tee should be plenty.  Though, a driver over the left fairway bunkers will put you in position with a wedge.  Be sure to check the pin placement on this large green.


Hole #14         “The Ravine” 171 Yard Par 3

Club selection is paramount on this hole.  There is a three-club difference from the front to back of this green.  Beware of this two-tiered, well-bunkered green.


Hole #15         “Tree Tops” 496 Yard Par 5

This is a great birdie opportunity once you get over the beautiful view from our signature hole tee-box.  A tee shot down the 120 ft. drop down the left side of the fairway will leave you with a good look at the green.  You have two options with your second, either lay up, or go.  Going at this slender green is not a bad option.  Though, beware of the false front, make sure to take enough club.


Hole #16         “Deception” 421 Yard Par 4

This is a very demanding driving hole with trouble along the left side.  It appears much longer from the tee.  A well placed drive down the right side will leave you with a mid iron to the green.  Make sure to take enough club on your approach, it plays about a half of club uphill.


Hole #17         “Dogwoods” 184 Yard Par 3

The safe shot on this demanding par 3 is to the right no matter where the pin is.  Make sure to take an extra club if you plan to go at the left side, the left greenside bunker is somehow difficult to miss.


Hole #18         “Homeward Bound” 519 Yard Par 5

A tee shot down the right side of the fairway will allow you to make the choice of going for the green or playing safe.  If you decide to play it safe make sure you don’t go too far, there are bunkers and rough down the right side.  Your approach is uphill and the green is extremely deep.  Club selection is a definite priority.